Getting Around Oakland

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay area has long reined as one of the most densely populated areas in its region. This large permanent population, coupled with an affinity for attracting travelers in heavy numbers, opens the need for a complex, well-maintained infrastructure. Whether by land or air, the travel demands of those in Oakland are aptly met by a number of useful transportation services.

Perhaps the most notable method of transportation (and the most widely-used) in Oakland is run by Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). Spanning multiple major cities in the Bay area, including Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco (to name a few), BART is a high-speed rail system that has a number of positive features. In addition to providing an affordable method of mass transit, BART helps lower emissions in the environmentally-aware Bay area, reducing traffic and expediently delivering passengers to their destinations. Another public service exists in the form of AC Transit, established in 1960, which primarily focuses on mass transportation by way of bus.

Of course, two of the most popular forms of transit in the eco-friendly Bay area are two of the oldest and simplest. Many residents choose to walk or ride their bicycles to their chosen locations, saving them money on gasoline and lessening their carbon footprints as they go.

As stated before, a rather significant form of air travel to and from the city exists in Oakland International Airport (OAK). Oakland International is among the busiest airports in the region, but its high volume of passengers doesn't prevent it from having a widely-acclaimed rate of on-time arrivals. For those looking to combine multiple forms of transportation in the city, AirBART shuttle buses and AC Transit buses run from the airport to a nearby BART station.

Many travelers have qualms about one form of transportation or another, and the only way to cure this ill is to increase variety. In the city of Oakland, such a course of action has worked wonders over the years, leaving the area with a travel option for just about any visitor or resident. Some may choose to walk or ride a bike, while many will opt for road-based transportation such as buses or cars (I-980 runs through the city), and still others may find such methods as rail and air travel better suited to their needs. Whatever the case, Oakland is prepared to assuage the travel difficulties of any individual.